Arcadia University’s College of Health Sciences seeks curious students who are dedicated to expanding access to high-quality health care. Through collaborative research and service learning experiences, our hybrid program prepares the next generation of health care providers to serve patients across the country.

Each candidate seeking admission into our graduate degree programs will be considered holistically by our admissions team.

The chart below outline the program-specific start dates and corresponding application deadlines for our upcoming cohorts.

Arcadia Hybrid DPT Program Deadlines

Next Class Cohort: August 2023

Summer Priority Deadline
August 26, 2022
Fall Priority Deadline
November 4, 2022
Winter Priority Deadline
December 16, 2022
Spring Priority Deadline
March 10, 2023
Final Deadline
May 19, 2023

Applicants to the hybrid DPT program must have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree and taken the GRE. Review our full list of DPT application requirements here.

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