Course Structure

The hybrid curriculum is organized into 20 patient-based courses that integrate knowledge from each foundational practice area of physical therapy.

Students will focus on one patient-based course for a three-week period, as opposed to traditional curriculums that teach all of the term’s courses concurrently. Courses build in complexity and depth as students progress through the curriculum.

Review a detailed list of course descriptions.

The plan of study for the 25-month hybrid program can be found below.

Semester: Fall 1

NumberCourse Title
PT607Intro to PT Theory & Practice
PT661Movement System Foundations I: Motion
PT662Movement System Foundations II: Force
PT663Movement System Foundations III: Energy
PT664Movement System Foundations IV: Motor Control
PT658aExposure to Physical Therapy in a Health Care System

Semester: Spring 1

NumberCourse Title
PT671Integrated Patient Management I: Acute Musculoskeletal Injury
PT691Differential Diagnosis & Intervention I: Extremity 1
PT692Differential Diagnosis & Intervention II: Extremity 2
PT672Integrated Patient Management II: Acute Medical Conditions
PT673Integrated Patient Management III: Progressive Neurologic Conditions
PT658bExposure to Physical Therapy in a Health Care System
PT787Experiential Learning

Semester: Summer 1

NumberCourse Title
PT793Differential Diagnosis and Intervention III: Spine 1
PT794Differential Diagnosis and Intervention IV: Spine 2
PT761Movement System: Advanced Analysis and Intervention I
PT737Clinical Simulation Experiences
PT774Integrated Patient Management IV: Chronic Medical Conditions
PT787Experiential Learning

Semester: Fall 2

NumberCourse Title
PT758Clinical Education Experience I
PT775Integrated Patient Management V: Non-Progressive Neurologic Conditions
PT795Differential Diagnosis and Intervention V: Pain
PT787Experiential Learning

Semester: Spring 2

NumberCourse Title
PT824Management and Leadership Principles in a PT Setting
PT862Movement System: Advanced Analysis and Intervention II
PT846Health Promotion
PT835Enhancing Activity and Participation
PT787Experiential Learning
PT858Clinical Education Experience II

Semester: Summer 2

NumberCourse Title
PT859Clinical Education Experience III

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